The lost Art of Imagination


"Love and Imagination are magicians"




For me the imagination is a realm of infinite possibilities, a place where control is surrendered and all manner of images and forms can occur.  From that realm - that for me is both gentle and wild - I have heard complete compositions of original music, seen worlds that my physical eyes will never see, heard poetry and story beyond my own making. It is without a doubt a realm of magic and otherness and I love it tenderly.


But what is the Imagination?


Many years ago I embarked on a journey to discover what the Imagination is; Why do we have it? What is it useful for?  Where does it come from? It is a pleasant puzzle that I have toyed with for a very long time and it has lead to some fascinating and beautiful discoveries. I would like to share with you some answers to these questions given by some of the great creators, inventors, philosophers and mystics throughout history as well as my own experiences.


Please keep your eye on these pages as I find a way to do so.




The  realm of the imagination is full of illuminated wonders and it is my hope that these words and images will inspire you to  find that place for yourself - it is not just a children's playground but a place of wisdom and great creativity ...





The Old Burrow

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