The Old Burrow

Forest Lullabies



The Wayfarer's Wait


At the edge of wandering

Content and laden

With untold tales

The Wayfarer's wait


Here at the edge,

Quiet shadows glide,

A seamless change of set

We are both the actors,

and the audience


Enjoy the show


Story - kin





Bear My Soul






In all the world

I love our solitude the best

the deep warm dark

of this long forgotten

brings my heart to its resting place

and you bear

and all the world

'is' my soul



Soul - kin


The Blackbird King


 Blackbird at dawn

Crown of the morn

Still starlit eyes

Sing forth the day



Blackbird- kin

Forest Lullabies




My latest series of paintings - an a few of my older works - are a dedication to the blue hours of dawn. Collectively, I have named them 'Forest Lullabies'. They are a revolution of quiet in a noisy world, a celebration of gentleness, quietude and wonder. Painted lullabies to soothe the heart and remind us of the magic we are.


Here are a selection of images from this series.

Quiet Remembering



From this magnificent Silence,

I love you,

With all my heart



This quiet magic,

of two souls remembering,

Our true home







Badger Light



As the wind raises to battle branch and leaf,

Old Badger's lantern rocks a rusty lullaby



The forest is full of creaking shadows

and muffled footsteps